Yes, all of the streams delivered are real streams, generated from real music fans and SoundCloud, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube and Spotify® premium and non-premium account holders. We do not use streaming bots. 

We do our best to explain our campaigns on the product description section on our site and on our frequently asked questions page located at, we understand that marketing legitimacy is a real concern for artists, which is why we pride ourselves in offering only real paid-traffic promotion, although our marketing methods may be quite unique in the marketplace, our clients can rest assured that all campaign methods fully adhere to the terms and conditions of the streaming and distribution platforms in which we promote.

We use a strategy involving low-cost push notification traffic with a social unlock gate mechanism; in order to deliver real streams to projects. (We invite you to do a Google search for the terms 'Push Notification Traffic,' 'Social Unlocking,' and 'Fan Gating' so that you may better understand the systems at play in acquiring streams for your projects.

You can read more about push notification traffic here: